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Hi. It’s been awhile, I know, and I was doing so well there for a little bit… There are reasons for everything, though, and most of those reasons center around work. After four and a half years, I quit my job. Happily, there was another waiting in the wings to save me, and New Job has been great so far. It’s a small company, good people, and work that I.. Read More

Almost there!

Just wanted to drop a line and let you all know that my for-sale site is nearly up and running. I’ve got just a couple more things to photograph and add, and then I’ll be open for business (literally)! I’m pretty excited. I can’t wait to share it with you!

So much for the afterglow…

And no, I am not listening to Everclear. I am simply commenting on my recent return from vacation and to the normal humdrum: work, housework, &c… So far, things have been pretty good. Money is tight at the moment, which has made for all sorts of ingenuity in the kitchen (I can make really good dhal when I try, you know that?), not to mention lots of industrious emailing and.. Read More

I’m really sorry, guys.

About the missing photos in the previous post, that is. I’ve got this BlogPress app for my phone, which is really my only access to le blog since I’m technically computer-less, and it apparently has a hard time posting pictures. I’ll add them when I get home, but they are (from top to bottom) a finished shawl, fig & plum galette, and golden raspberries on the vine. It’s been a.. Read More

Up to no good.

What have I been up to since I’ve been on vacation, you ask? Oh, nothing. šŸ˜€ .mobile. Location:SE 98th Ave,Vancouver,United States

Falling to temptation.

Had to share. Some stashdiving, crocheting, stitching, steaming, and pinning later…a watermelon slice. I made a pomegranate too. It’s still blocking though. Think I’m going to take them to Neimah’s parents as a thank-you gift for putting us up next week.


Remember when I promised you new knitting? Yeah, about that… All my current projects seem to be in the same places at the moment… there’s the NJ sweater and the Noro socks, which are sort of “oh, I don’t want to mess with that right now.” Not to mention I knit down to the heel on the sock and think I might have cast on too many stitches. Bah. Whatevs… Read More

Soup complete, and pies too!

Intrepid readers will recall this project from an earlier post: I give you finished roast beet and jalapeƱo soup! It’s in the cup on the right, garnished with a dollop of plain yogurt and some chopped jalapeƱo, served with egg whites on toast with salsa and avocado, and iced white tea with lime. We came by the beets after a generous gift from our friends Anne and Neil. They get.. Read More

Good morning.

I had breakfast, straightened up the apartment, watered the plants, did some computer work, paid some bills, did an hour of yoga, packed a lunch, showered, put thought into an outfit (well, a little), and made it in to work on time. I’m a little amazed. Still need to buy soap, though. And take a picture and post about my awesome spicy-smoky beet soup. And finish the second sleeve for.. Read More