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Let the socks begin!

Well, I’ve done it.  I’ve started the Self-Imposed Sock Club 2011 storm o’ knitting. The pattern is Mingus, by Cookie A (here).  I thought it most appropriate to start the year off with a Cookie pattern, since it was her new club that got me on this track in the first place.  This picture does nothing for the color of the yarn, a wonderful Sundara creation called “Bronzed Forest.”  It’s.. Read More

A gap of days…

I really wanted to be good this year and try to post a little something every day if I could, or at least only let a day or two go empty between posts. Sigh.  That’s what comes of grand intentions, I suppose. I do at least have a plausible excuse.  Mr. Boyfriend came down with some type of flu-thing on New Year’s Day, and I, of course, had to tag.. Read More

Happy New Year!

Well, it’s the first day of a brand new year, and I’m going to kick it off with… stuff from before Christmas. I had meant ages ago to post a sort of photo-illustrated entry on how to make “The A-hole Cookies,” as my mother so lovingly calls the plain white cookies with icing that we have made and cut for Christmas as long as I can really remember.  The tradition.. Read More

Looking back on the year…

I’ve been reading all sorts of posts and articles lately about preparing for the new year by cleaning house and your other assorted slates, so as to start in the orderly and calm fashion in which you hope to continue.  I’ve also seen quite a few posts that reflect on the year past, and the many feats accomplished and obstacles overcome. I really like both of these ideas.  The most.. Read More


Well folks, after much toil and travail, I have succeeded in transitioning my humble little blog from the open source version of MovableType I was using to the sleek, quick, every-idiot-can-use-it interface of WordPress.  Joy! I took an immediate liking to this theme template, but I had quite a bit of trouble getting it configured to my exacting specifications.  Lots of cache-clearing and HTML-tweaking later, it is here as you.. Read More

Hey there knitters:

Do any of you ever have that thing where just kind of want to punch all your works-in-progress because you have for many and varied reasons developed grudges against every last one of them? Right. Me neither.

It’s cold.

Finally. I was wondering if it was ever going to turn proper winter. While I am rejoicing in the chill and the chance to wear all my warm woolly things (I have become convinced in later years that some part of my family must have come from the Nordic peninsula, or perhaps Siberia), it has made the daily commute to work a bit more treacherous for the skin of my.. Read More

Okay, it’s official.

My Etsy Shop is open for business! I’ve added about 5 things, from recipes to handwarmers to a necklace to a knitting pattern, so I think there’s a little something for everyone at the moment. I hope to get some hand-detailed notecards and some Christmas ornaments added within the next couple weeks. I would like to thank my official photographer as well, Mr. Boyfriend. Any of the pictures that don’t.. Read More

Didn’t I promise you pictures?

From top to bottom: The Banana, sporting her snazzy new sweater, my Tea Leaves cardi that I have appropriately dubbed “The Old Penny” due to the awesomeness that is madelinetosh dk in Burnished, and the ham & yellow split-pea soup that I just had for lunch. Good day.