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I am beginning to suspect

That those women who talk about how AWESOME they felt during their pregnancies? They are lying liars who lie. Or else they don’t remember ANYTHING about their first trimester. I really look forward to remembering what not being nauseated feels like. And to enjoying food. And to returning to my normal level of lethargy instead of “I just walked from one end of the apartment to the other and now.. Read More

And again.

For a little while there, I was doing these cool “my year in review” posts a bit after the new year. I liked it. It was a nice way of looking back on everything that had happened and how I’d grown. I didn’t do one last year, mainly because I was unemployed and in a major funk about it. I’m not going to do one this year either. Mostly because.. Read More

Oh me.

It has taken me a good long time to get around to writing this post.  There are several reasons for this. One is that I haven’t wanted to examine the factors about which I would be writing so closely. Another is that just as soon as one obstacle was safely behind, another popped up in its place. My mantra for the past four months or so has been “if I can.. Read More


April 30 to September 30. That’s an absurd amount of time to try and cover in one entry, so I really won’t even attempt it. Here are the big things: My grandfather passed away on July 15. It was expected and something of a blessing, but it still feels like a clean empty place in the middle of my chest whenever I think about it, which is often. Mr. Boyfriend.. Read More

We took a little trip.

This past weekend, Mr. Boyfriend and I scoffed at the chilly New York spring we’ve been having and set off for the Pacific Northwest…   Where it was sunny and 70° and absolutely perfect for a large outdoor picnic filled with his extended family. You see, this past weekend (well, actually Monday) was sizdeh bedar, the thirteenth day after the Persian new year, which is traditionally spent out-of-doors in order to.. Read More

Getting old is not for wimps, pt. 2

I feel it fitting that I should be writing this post the day before my birthday. Also fitting that it should be written about two and a half months after what is now “Part 1” of this story. Anyways, onward. After coming to grips with the fact that I am, in fact, getting older and that such an inexorable process necessitates I begin to take more care with this consumable.. Read More

Looking back from a bit forward, 2013 Edition

So again, much like last year, I sit down to make this list a bit later than I would have liked. Though not as late as last year, which I think is saying something. So a numbered recap of my 2012, as follows: I completed over forty knitted and crocheted things, including some pretty impressive colorwork, seven lacy things, six pairs of socks, five sweaters, and a host of smaller projects.. Read More

Getting old is not for wimps.

I gotta say, confronting my own mortality and the aging process sucks. A lot. My mother will be thrilled to hear me admit that she was right; that there would come a day when I would hurt just getting out of bed if I wasn’t exercising regularly. And sometimes even if I am. UGH. So this might have happened back during one of my blogging droughts, but in October I was.. Read More

Holy long silence, Batman!

Yep, still alive. You might have wondered. To be fair I’ve been rather busy, between trips home and hurricanes and trying to adjust my diurnal needs with the yearly dearth of daylight. You know, things. I do have lots of things to show you, but they’ll be along shortly. I’m writing today to confess a problem. Ever since I was little, I’ve been a big reader. My habit was to.. Read More

An interruption

I was doing really well, there, for a little while, on the whole blogging front. And I assure you that I meant to continue in like fashion, but I got a bit derailed. Life, as it is wont to do, has to change things up from time to time, in ways both wonderful and terrible. Sadly, this most recent vicissitude was of the terrible sort. On July 8, I lost.. Read More