This past weekend, Mr. Boyfriend and I scoffed at the chilly New York spring we’ve been having and set off for the Pacific Northwest…



Where it was sunny and 70° and absolutely perfect for a large outdoor picnic filled with his extended family.

You see, this past weekend (well, actually Monday) was sizdeh bedar, the thirteenth day after the Persian new year, which is traditionally spent out-of-doors in order to prevent bad luck from getting into the house and poisoning the rest of the year. Since you’re also supposed to spend the intervening days visiting all your friends and family, Mr. Boyfriend’s folks decided it was easier to combine all that visiting and outdoor-being into one giant celebration.

So we headed across the country to Lewisville park to visit, talk, play games, lounge about in the wonderful sunny weather, and eat lots of delicious Persian food.



It was a short but sweet little trip, and after the snowy cold version of spring NYC has seen lately, it’s nice to remember there is still green in the world. Here’s wishing a happy spring to you!