Again, a bit late but better than never:




hexis maude4 crenellated castiel olaf







From left to right: yet another Maude hat to replace the green one I passed along to my cousin Maggie Mae, a lovely pair of Crenellated (pattern by my very own Rosa, the Drunken Homemaker!) in the first installment of the 2013 Socks That Rock Yarn Club, a sweet lacy little hat in a Polwarth wool/silk blend for spring, a handful of hexipuffs, and another stuffed monster to donate to the 600 Monsters project. I did manage to get my sky shawl to 66%, though I hit that mark a little after I’d hoped to (on April 2 rather than March 31). With the show and all, April is probably going to be a thin month for knitting, but I’ve already finished some more hexis, have been working pretty steadily on a sweater, and I hope to finish my sky and a pair of socks too. Here’s hoping!