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Finished Objects: Some fuzzies!

The first pair of socks for 2016, THEY ARE FINISHED. A fun, leafy pattern called Phloem from a forever-ago Knitty, worked up in Anzula’s gorgeous Dreamy sock yarn (merino, cashmere, and silk — NOMZ) in color Iris. I’d been lusting after it since it came in to the store, and I decided that since this year’s Self-Imposed Sock Club was going to be 12 pairs, I would earn a little.. Read More

Finished Object: Granny Stripe Baby Blanket

I think the baby wave may be coming to its crest. A little tired of the knitted blanket jag I’d been on, I decided to break the routine with a crocheted blanket. 1500 yards of fingering weight on an E hook. Yeah, that’ll be the speedy and simple refresher I was hoping for. /sarcasm But I can’t even be that grouchy at myself, because LOOK AT IT. Such pretty, soft,.. Read More

Containers of Love, pt. 2

This has so far been a very popular year for comfort items. The friends for whom I made the dragon-scale baby blanket of previous fame have (thankfully) kept me quite busy lately, first with making a repeat of the dragon blankie for another friend of theirs, and then with a ripple afghan for their sister-in-law who’s currently undergoing treatment for leukemia. They picked a lovely, calming blue in one of.. Read More

Nerd-tastic: October & November

October was a thin month for the knitting. Top row is all I managed to get done for the month (along with a big chunk of Mr. Boyfriend’s Christmas sweater, to be discussed later): A little brooch of holly leaves, a Bigger On The Inside (link) shawlette for my friend Tom to give his lady-friend for Christmas, and another desperately needed Swiffer cover, in candy stripes. As for November, I.. Read More

Nerd-tastic: August Games Round-up

Since the October games are now upon us, I thought I should probably show you what I made in August! So from left to right, top to bottom: A black wig to go incognito as a tribute to Carolyn Keene/Nancy Drew, the little lace wrap I finally finished, seven hexipuffs in the ROYGBIV spectrum, some cabled socks in a color so bright it burns the retina, a yarnbomb in honor.. Read More

Nerd-tastic: July Games Round-up

In July, I made some things: From left to right, top to bottom: A basically finished stripey sweater—needs buttons. 14 hexipuffs for the Beekeeper’s Quilt A sweet little kerchief for a friend who’s been ill, in a lovely glittery JulieSpins yarn (link). A crocheted Irish Rose mounted on a pin, because brooches are rad. Socks. ‘Nuff said. A crocheted string bag for marketing that flips itself into its own pouch… Read More

Playing catch-up, Part 6: Game Things

I’m trying to be a good girl, and actually give a little word-space to all the stuff I’ve been too lax to blog up proper in the past few months. To that end, I present Part the Sixth: VARIOUS AND SUNDRY COMPETITIVE KNITTING.                         From left to right, top to bottom: knit caps for a children’s hospital, a double-knit.. Read More

In praise of my Nanny Jo

So something really scary and awful happened this past Sunday: my grandparents were in a car accident. My grandfather is thankfully fine, but my grandmother has two lumbar fractures, and a mighty sore hip. But even so, they were very lucky. One might be tempted to worry about an injured grandmother. The very word tends to conjure images of delicate older ladies. Classy and elegant she may be, but delicate? No.. Read More