Since the October games are now upon us, I thought I should probably show you what I made in August!

So from left to right, top to bottom: A black wig to go incognito as a tribute to Carolyn Keene/Nancy Drew, the little lace wrap I finally finished, seven hexipuffs in the ROYGBIV spectrum, some cabled socks in a color so bright it burns the retina, a yarnbomb in honor of Jonas (that’s his brand’s, 180Ronin, logo), and the finished Nymphaeum.

Guys, I did something crazy in Tournament 5 – I FINISHED ALL THE CHALLENGES AND MY THREE-MONTH PROJECT. That’s 100% completion of 19 things. Wow.

In other news, I still haven’t managed a photo shoot with The Dress, but I did manage a second wearing. I’ve got a couple FOs from September that I will try to share shortly (preferably after I finish the last one). Upcoming for October will be a three-month BoySweater, a Christmas present commission (I know, I know, I said never again—but it’s bigger on the inside!), some colorwork (shock!), and some tiny sweet things. October will also contain a Trip Home, some rustic cabin time, and—predictably—a lot of baking. I made some zucchini muffins last night with one of our big green CSA squashes. I love fall.