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Thx, Mgmt

This is just to say That I created a new Page It’s called RESOURCES And it’s up there in the menu bar And it has a bunch of things you can download if any of them strike your fancy. That is all.

I’m going to tell you a story…

Once upon a time, there was a girl who had thoughts.This was not unusual, for all people have them, and nowadays we’re all almost painfully aware of how common those thoughts are. But in this story, the girl had thoughts and decided to write them down. This time was a magical time, ruled by The Internet, so the girl placed her thoughts there, on a site of her own devising… Read More

Well then.

THAT was a total misadventure. Back in October, I tried really hard to come here and post a nice little blog about a finished blouse I’d sewed from a pattern I drafted on the fly from a shirt that came in one of my Stitchfix boxes. To my chagrin, Yahoo (my webhost) had disabled my site due to a malware infection. Note to self: blogs can get malware. After months.. Read More

Blog may go boom.

Just FYI, I updated the MYSQL database that makes this site run bigger and better and all that rot. However, the interwebs is still getting a bit used to this bright and flashy update, so you may notice some problems with “error: I can’t find that!” messages if you go clicking around the site. This is, sadly, normal. In a few days, all the static records should be up-to-date enough.. Read More