A Domestic Manifest

I make things, then I write about them.

Well then.

THAT was a total misadventure. Back in October, I tried really hard to come here and post a nice little blog about a finished blouse I’d sewed from a pattern I drafted on the fly from a shirt that came in one of my Stitchfix boxes. To my chagrin, Yahoo (my webhost) had disabled my site due to a malware infection. Note to self: blogs can get malware. After months.. Read More

Blog may go boom.

Just FYI, I updated the MYSQL database that makes this site run bigger and better and all that rot. However, the interwebs is still getting a bit used to this bright and flashy update, so you may notice some problems with “error: I can’t find that!” messages if you go clicking around the site. This is, sadly, normal. In a few days, all the static records should be up-to-date enough.. Read More