THAT was a total misadventure.

Back in October, I tried really hard to come here and post a nice little blog about a finished blouse I’d sewed from a pattern I drafted on the fly from a shirt that came in one of my Stitchfix boxes. To my chagrin, Yahoo (my webhost) had disabled my site due to a malware infection.

Note to self: blogs can get malware.

After months of trying to remedy the issue and getting basically nowhere, I followed advice from friends who were far more computer savvy than I, backed up the MySQL database that makes blog go, and decided to start over on a new platform. I had a bit of trouble getting things up and running over here (hence the brand-new look), but here we are. Mostly back in order. I am a very happy camper.

So while this new calendar year of 2015 is beginning in much the same way as 2014 did (more on that later), I am at least making a fresh new start here. And it feels good.

Soon to come, a blouse.