Notes From Neptune

I write about people, places, and things.

I’m having a hard day.

I like writing. A lot. I love the act of making a world out of thin air and weird sounds. I love the telepathy of it. It makes my soul warm. I HATE the business of writing. I hate combing through lists of literary agents who write vague blurbs about what kind of books they’re hoping to represent, searching (fruitlessly, it usually seems) for someone who might, maybe, possibly be.. Read More

In The Court of the Crimson King

The keeper of the city keysPuts shutters on the dreamsI wait outside the pilgrim’s doorWith insufficient schemesThe black queen chants the funeral marchThe cracked brass bells will ringTo summon back the fire witchTo the court of the crimson king King Crimson, In The Court of the Crimson King It’s taking too long. Far too long. I’m pacing outside in the long stone hallway, trying not to burn holes in the.. Read More

I’m trying to write a query letter…

It’s not going so well. First off, how do I condense this thing, this world that I’ve built over the past fifteen years, into one sentence? If I could explain it in a sentence, why would I have bothered to write a book? Secondly, I’m supposed to sell it. The whole point of this letter is to engage the curiosity of some unknown literary agent out there and persuade them.. Read More