A handful of things I’ve made over the years that you might find useful. If you like these and they’re helpful, I’d happily accept a coffee as thanks! Link is in the sidebar over there –>

FULL DISCLOSURE: These things are free. I am a freelancer and full-time toddler mom and have very little free time at my disposal. Therefore I offer no support for problems you may have. If the links don’t work, let me know. Otherwise you’re on your own.

Stash Tracker

A GoogleDoc for tracking your yarn purchasing and usage. I use it to be sure I’m using up more yarn than I’m adding to the overstuffed closet that houses my stash.

Get the tracker!

After you click on the link, you will be taken to the view-only version. You will need to either “Make a Copy” to add an editable version to your Google Drive, or “Download” for a hardcopy file you can edit in Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice. I HAVE NOT BETA TESTED THIS FILE IN EITHER EXCEL OR OPENOFFICE. If you choose to go that route, you are an intrepid adventurer blazing a trail where none (i.e. me) may aid you.

Shawl Progress Charts

There was a time in years long past when I knit a whole bunch of lace shawls. Sigh. Good times.

And because lace shawls can also be a little bit soul-killing as the rows take longer and longer to complete, I frequently made Excel charts to keep track of exactly how close I was to finishing, row by row. The charts are also helpful if you’re knitting to a deadline. So here are the shawls I have charts for:

Celestarium by Audry Nicklin — GET CHART

Dracula’s Bride by Renee Leverington — GET CHART

Evenstar by Susan Pandorf — GET CHART

Nymphaeum by Kerry Milani — GET CHART


I got ambitious and actually formatted some of my favorites: