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Just a thought that’s been possessing me lately.

Aunts are like tessellations of mothers… women so close to the one you know best, who but for a few decisions here and there might have been mother to you rather than mother-adjacent. Mothers just turned and repositioned in space like interlocking puzzle pieces, corresponding coordinates of life and love, x and y. A special feature of mother-math.

I’m going to tell you a story…

Once upon a time, there was a girl who had thoughts.This was not unusual, for all people have them, and nowadays we’re all almost painfully aware of how common those thoughts are. But in this story, the girl had thoughts and decided to write them down. This time was a magical time, ruled by The Internet, so the girl placed her thoughts there, on a site of her own devising… Read More

I Found Out Where the Red Fern Grows

No, really. I did. Two weeks ago, we took off for an adventure in Costa Rica. After ten days spent visiting a different national park every day, driving on roads paved (if they were at all) in gravel and sand, and meeting people who personified the concept of pura vida, here is what I learned: 1) Rough roads make you appreciate what lies at the end of them. As I mentioned.. Read More

Making a list, checking it twice…

So my various Ravelry communities are in the full swing of swap season, I myself am readying the lists for holiday shopping/making, and it suddenly occurred to me. What do I want for Christmas? My favorite holiday gifts tend to be the things I really want or need, but that I never remember to get myself. And since I figured I may not be the only one doing all my.. Read More

Choices, choices.

So I did my taxes on Monday night (WHAT?! It’s not April yet!), and for the first time in two years, I’m getting a refund! A pretty decent-sized one, at that! While the bulk of it will go towards paying off extant debt and my savings account, I wanted to take a little bit of it and get something nice, just for me. That’s normal and healthy, right? I’ve narrowed.. Read More