So my various Ravelry communities are in the full swing of swap season, I myself am readying the lists for holiday shopping/making, and it suddenly occurred to me.

What do I want for Christmas?

My favorite holiday gifts tend to be the things I really want or need, but that I never remember to get myself. And since I figured I may not be the only one doing all my sneaky holiday planning at the moment, I thought I’d post a couple of suggestions here. For your consideration, I submit the following:

Colette Patterns – You would be hard-pressed to find something on this website that I wouldn’t want to sew, but the newest crop of patterns are on my must-make shortlist. Cooper, Albion, Negroni, Zinnia, Hawthorne, and Laurel would all be most heartily appreciated. Just no downloads. 😉

Slippers – slippers are a winter staple for me, and my current pair have nearly reached the end of their life. A slip-on style with a rubber sole is great, and I would love a pair I could toss in the wash when they get icky.

The Alien Quadrilogy – How do I not already own this? That is all.

Books – For my fiction needs, I’m trying to go as paperless as possible. But for my crafting/home reference library, there’s no beating hard copy.

Gift Cards – I know, I know, these are the cop-out of the gifting world. But in all honesty, a little ready cash to spend at Amazon or Etsy would seriously come in handy.

Charitable Donations – Stuff is nice and can be helpful, but a donation in my name (or not) to Doctors Without Borders, New York Cares, or the ASPCA would be a humbling and most appreciated gift.

A French Rolling Pin – Yup.