Once upon a time, there was a girl who had thoughts.This was not unusual, for all people have them, and nowadays we’re all almost painfully aware of how common those thoughts are. But in this story, the girl had thoughts and decided to write them down. This time was a magical time, ruled by The Internet, so the girl placed her thoughts there, on a site of her own devising. Some friends and family would read her thoughts on this site she’d made on The Internet, and it was good.

And then came an even more magical time, and a strange new site created by somebody else, called The FaceBook. The FaceBook allowed the girl to write down her thoughts there and share them more immediately with all the friends she’d made at her new college, in addition to reading all their thoughts in turn and having digital versions of actual conversations about their classes and other pursuits. It was fun!

And as time went on, The FaceBook grew and matured. It opened its mouth wider, to allow the girl to connect not just with students from her own university, but friends from universities far away, and then people who weren’t affiliated with any school at all. She became “friends” with her grandmothers, which seemed to be a sort of final point of global domination. The FaceBook was everywhere.

And all this time, the site the girl had created to house her thoughts had waited for her attention. It evolved to be a place where she posted descriptions of the food she made and the things she created with her hands, and even sometimes the far-off places she travelled to, but her thoughts were often conspicuously absent. It became an album of creation, and an oft-neglected one at that.

But after some time The FaceBook too evolved. Instead of a place to connect with friends, it became an echo chamber of anger and outrage, of whimsy and inanity. It stopped feeling like a fun treat that made the girl smile, and more like some obligatory part of her online life that fed her anxieties. And even worse, it seemed evident that this was not a problem that The FaceBook wanted to fix, but one it wished to amplify.

And so the girl decided that enough was enough. She abandoned The FaceBook to its algorithms and feeds, and went home.

And, hopefully, she will live happily ever after.


All this to say, the blog is evolving yet again. I’m limiting Facebook to event-promotion only, so you can still check there for upcoming shows and performances. But I’m taking my thoughts back to my own little corner of the interwebs, the one that maintain and pay for. Some photos will still be shared on Instagram, at least until that platform too stops being a happy place for me. Some lighter musings might make it to Twitter. But for the most part, when I have something I want to say or show you, I’ll be doing so right here.

So if you generally enjoy my nonsense, I highly suggest clicking the new link I’ve added to the top-right corner there that says “Subscribe Via Email.” It will take you to a page where you type in your email and prove you are not a robot, and then Google/Feedburner will send you an email asking if you’re sure you want to be bombarded* with my silliness and if so please click this link, and then voilĂ ! You will be fully subscribed to this new and (hopefully) improved version of my online chronicle, and whenever I post something new here, you will get an email to let you know. It’ll be just like Facebook, but with less emotional manipulation!

*Of course by “bombarded” we’re talking like a post a week at most. I’m not changing things up THAT much.