October was a thin month for the knitting. Top row is all I managed to get done for the month (along with a big chunk of Mr. Boyfriend’s Christmas sweater, to be discussed later): A little brooch of holly leaves, a Bigger On The Inside (link) shawlette for my friend Tom to give his lady-friend for Christmas, and another desperately needed Swiffer cover, in candy stripes.

As for November, I truly didn’t intend to finish all six challenges. After my “flawless victory” in the summer tourney, I thought I’d earned a period of slacking off. But amazingly, I had things I wanted to do for all the categories, and it just fell into place. So: a little black cauldron vessel to hold Halloween candy, a balaclava with hair-holes, an Estonian lace shawlette that winged its way to NZ yesterday in a box for my swap partner, a pair of cute fingerless mitts (very, very welcome these past couple weeks), a snakey-cabled hat, and a close-up of the cable on the Christmas BoySweater. I’m knitting it top-down with all sort of wonky adjustments, but so far it’s going pretty darn well. I’ve got the shoulders and sleeves knit up, and half the hood. Hopefully I’ll finish that bit up tonight and can move on to knitting down the torso. It is a lovely thing, but quite heavy, and I have a feeling that a lot of crochet reinforcement is going to be happening along the hang points.

You might have noticed a marked paucity of sock knitting lately, to which I must ‘fess up. After running out of yarn on my most recent pair (from September, I think?) I’ve been in a sock slump. Granted the little purple shawlette destashed a whole skein of Malabrigo sock, so I feel pretty okay about that. I doubt I’ll knock out another pair before the year is out, but I’m still planning on queueing up my club for 2013. Though perhaps I’ll only pick 9 contenders. Also I need to review my stash. I’m pretty sure it’s bred between the last time I looked and now. Darn rabbity sock yarn.

Also ahead for the month: a finished BoySweater! A Jackson scarf in a muted Dad-palette for one member of my immediate family for whom I’ve never knit¬†anything! A cowl-along with my Buffalo bestie! Pretty flowers! Possibly even some cooking! Find out next time on…¬†Hopelessly Over-committed! Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel.