I’m trying to be a good girl, and actually give a little word-space to all the stuff I’ve been too lax to blog up proper in the past few months. To that end, I present Part the Sixth: VARIOUS AND SUNDRY COMPETITIVE KNITTING.













From left to right, top to bottom: knit caps for a children’s hospital, a double-knit Ravenclaw bookmark, an infinitely cool Ysolda hat pattern knit in a gifted skein of thick-thin rainbow yarn, a massive granny square blanket crocheted from the thickest yarn I could find, and a bamboo/silk tie belt to match the beautiful kimono-cum-bathrobe my Banana gave me for my birthday. There’s not much else to say about these things but that they happened, and I’m glad they did.

My involvement in the CraftGames continues. I’ve even taken on a position of some power and responsibility, thinking up challenges and scoring one of the categories for NerdWars. It’s been fun, albeit a lot of work, so I don’t know that I’ll have that many challenges to report for June… but we shall see. Summer knitting does continue on apace!