Welp, Week 1 happened:


Cougar is less than thrilled with the massive amount of greens on the table. But who cares what she thinks, eh? I volunteered during the evening shift, which means I got to take some of the leftover stuff and pad our share out a bit. On this table, you see the following: 5 kohlrabi, 2 bunches scallions, 5 summer squash, 4 cucumbers, 2 heads red-leaf lettuce, 2 heads bok choy, 1 bunch komatsu (a Japanese green very similar to bok choy), 2 bunches arugula, a bunch each regular and rainbow chard, 2 bags snow peas, a basil plant, 6 garlic scapes, 2 dozen eggs, and a quart of strawberries.

Needless to say, we’ve been eating a lot of salads:


I really love adding the kohlrabi greens to salads… they’re toothsome and spicy. I’ve been making a big bowl o’ salad (sans dressing) almost nightly, and then leaving it in the fridge for Mr. Boyfriend to eat when he gets home from his play. He’s convinced that doing just that has saved him from a couple well-deserved hangovers, which made me giggle. The many blessings of healthy eating, huh?

Tonight, the chard and the garlic scapes are going to be used in a version of Smitten Kitchen’s Creamed Chard recipe (link). I’m going to add in some crumbled bacon, dump the lot over some parboiled whole-wheat penne, and bake it with some provolone and bread crumbs on top.

Hopefully, there will be a picture to share tomorrow. Also, a knitted monster.

So I know my mom is a total Farmer’s Market addict. Any of you other faithful readers been hitting up the locally-grown foodstuffs this summer, either by shopping or subscription? Show me your haul!