Look up at the sky…



Yep, it’s done.

It took a pretty heroic effort there at the end to get all 8,000 miles of edging knit, but I made it happen. The photo above is post-blocking, and the finished shawl has a 45″ diameter. The pattern called for 48″, but I didn’t want to pull it too tightly and create a more open stockinette and risk losing the cool magenta/green swirls in the yarn, since the Aurora Borealis effect was what I was after in the first place.



I did wind up needing the extra beads I ordered—all but 10, in fact. I had just enough yarn left over for half a hexipuff. So I guess all that remains now is to start memorizing my constellations! Or perhaps find a fancy outdoor evening occasion to which to wear it and provide reference material for the other guests.



Celestarium (link), knit in Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock Lightweight, color Corvid, with about 300 silver-lined frosted crystal Toho beads.