I started thinking after writing the last post…about That Guy.

We’re trying to keep him off the internet as much as is humanly possible in this day and age, at least until he can weigh the consequences for himself and make his own decisions about his online life. So far his face appears in only one Instagram post (by his dad).

But he’s alive. And he’s part of our lives. A huge part, in fact. And as such, it’s impossible not to talk about him. And since this is MY little corner of the internet, not subject to the T&C agreement of anyone but me, I’d like to show him to you.

And so I plan to, from time to time. Still very rarely, but once in awhile when a photo is simply burning a whole in my metaphorical pocket with its cuteness and/or I need him to model something I’ve made. 😀

But if I’m going to show you photos, I’ve decided I’m not going to use his name. Keeping the one separate from the other will make him a little harder to find. So I need a good blog nickname.

That Guy is a little dismissive.

Kiddo feels impersonal.

There are a host of other things that are just a touch too Mormon mommy blogger for me (nothing against the MMBs, I <3 their recipes, but that style of family sharing is not really my jam).

Then I thought about 小怪兽, or xiǎo guàishòu. It’s Mandarin for “little monster,” and some friends of ours who live in Taiwan got us a onesie with that on it. It’s both adorable and applicable. But it won’t be forever. He will get bigger, and referring to him as a monster in a few years won’t be such a cute joke.

And then, the lightbulb went on. We spent such a long time picking a name that would have a meaning we liked and felt connected to. I even joked that since he arrived 11 days early just so he wouldn’t miss the full moon he had made his opinion known on our list of possible choices.

And so in these pages, I will call him Moon Friend. It’s his name, if you translate it to English. A pseudonym-synonym.