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They Grow Up So Fast.

Faster than I can knit, anyway. /lolsob I made TWO WHOLE SWEATERS for the Moon Friend. Marvel, if you will, at this stunning crop top and hipsteriffic tiny grandpa: Two adorable sweaters that were too small pretty much the minute they came off the needles. Turns out all those corny “they grow so fast!” exclamations are TRUE. TRUE, people. Before my very eyes, he GROWS. It’s wild. Sweater the first.. Read More

小怪兽 or, in pursuit of a pseudonym.

I started thinking after writing the last post…about That Guy. We’re trying to keep him off the internet as much as is humanly possible in this day and age, at least until he can weigh the consequences for himself and make his own decisions about his online life. So far his face appears in only one Instagram post (by his dad). But he’s alive. And he’s part of our lives… Read More