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No apologies.

I realize I have been absent for a nigh-inexcusable amount of time. But, in keeping with my thoughts on the subject, I am not going to spend the first two paragraphs of this entry giving the whys and wherefores of my long-goneness. If there is something in all that expanse of time worth expounding upon, suffice it to say I will do so when the mood takes me. So today,.. Read More

Bronchitis is nobody’s friend.

Least of all mine. Blargh. I’ve spent roughly the past two and a half weeks suffering under its cruel tyranny, and am only today beginning to feel myself again. Worst of all, I am not suffering alone. The plague is making the rounds at my store. The booming coughs can be heard throughout the building, and the smell of menthol is nigh unbearable. Sigh. Gotta love the wintertime, huh? It.. Read More

Has anyone seen where I put November?

I could have sworn I left it around here somewhere! In any case, it’s already past the ides of December, and you can probably guess how much preparation I’ve done for the holidays. Read: not much. I’ve had some decent excuses, though. 1) Moving. After all sorts of trials and tribulations, the housing situation is all settled. I am staying put in my cozy little apartment on Pacific Street, and.. Read More

The Recipes Have Arrived.

Autumn has been busy so far, but not so busy as to preclude some baking. : ) That is, after all, one of the best parts about it! **EDIT** some recipes have been removed, since they will soon be available for sale. Check out for details! Whole Wheat Zucchini Bread A sweet, spicy quickbread that makes a wonderful breakfast… eat it plain or with a little cream cheese. This.. Read More

On the way…

Spicy Whole Wheat Zucchini Bread Bourbon & Bacon Gingerbread Apple Cake with Burnt Caramel Sauce Check back soon for the following recipes and gratuitous photos thereof.

I love autumn.

I especially appreciate autumn in New York, because the weather never fails to be pleasant. Neimah and I headed north to a little town called Skaneatles (skan-ee-at-ull-ess, I was told) for a wedding this past weekend with several of our friends. The town is perched on one of the finger lakes, and between the amazing food, fireworks, and general tomfoolery we were able to appreciate its extraordinarily photogenic qualities. To.. Read More

Princeton bound!

The faithful reader will remember that my last post mentioned a job interview with the McCarter Theatre in Princeton, NJ. About a week after the interview, I was offered the job. It’s a pretty neat position: working with the theater’s education department on one of their summer programs, specifically the Shakespeare intensive they offer to local high-schoolers. As of tomorrow, I will be living and working in Princeton until August.. Read More

Oh me, oh my.

I’ve finally gone and done it, folks. I’ve gone stark raving lunatic and decided to COMBINE THE BLOGS! (This is the point in our program when you should be hearing the sinister music swelling to cover my maniacal laughter.) So after lengthy experimentation with writing my own code, using iWeb, using Dreamweaver (which I still haven’t quite given up on, so don’t get too comfy yet), and using Movable Type,.. Read More

Happy New Year!

Wow. It’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted, but that can be safely chalked up to moving, lack of Internets, Christmas knitting, working, and a visiting Banana. All in all, though, it was a fantastic holiday season. Thanksgiving was had with the Boy and his roommates. I contributed a turkey and hash brown casserole to the table, and we (and all our guests) had a lovely time eating ourselves into.. Read More

What a week.

I mean, this country elects its first black president, Wesley and I find a new apartment, and I’m actually knitting on schedule. 🙂 I took a bit of a hiatus for a little while, but churning out gift knitting tends to do that to me: The little elephant on the right is, of course, the Bella-phant, finished in plenty of time to give to Rosa to keep in trust until.. Read More