I especially appreciate autumn in New York, because the weather never fails to be pleasant. Neimah and I headed north to a little town called Skaneatles (skan-ee-at-ull-ess, I was told) for a wedding this past weekend with several of our friends. The town is perched on one of the finger lakes, and between the amazing food, fireworks, and general tomfoolery we were able to appreciate its extraordinarily photogenic qualities. To wit:

Neimah and I are primarily a sweatpants-and-jeans sort of people, but we can be persuaded to clean up now and again. ; ) He gained a new talent for tying a bow-tie, and I wore the wrap cardigan I knit as a challenge for my BSG game on Ravelry. I didn’t finish it in time for the deadline, of course, but it certainly helped us match, don’t you think?

Autumn also signals the approach of other things: a return to baking and other culinary pursuits without regard for how much they’ll heat up the apartment, fall harvest fruits and vegetables, and the ever-faster onset of the holiday season. That also means moving this year. After a wonderful 12 months on Pacific Street, the time has come to move on. Discerning readers will recall that I regard moving with about as much happy anticipation as cats regard bathing. Granted this particular move should be happier than most, but I am inherently a homebody, and the constant disruption and upheaval of moving just upset my system. And autumn is no time to be grouchy. Sigh. Anyway, more on that front as things develop.

To sum up the major happenings alluded to in the last entry, my job in Princeton was a wonderful experience. I got to work with some very talented and dedicated people on an intense and intricate production, and I really, really loved it. It’s inspired a lot of navel-gazing and general contemplation regarding my professional future of late, and I’m still trying to pick some paths and make some command decisions. As it stands right now, it’s nothing I feel comfortable enough to disclose to the general public, so I will save it for another day. Suffice it to say that I am ready to be happy in my work, rather than living for the little snips of time when I am. I’m ready to be a “grown-up,” whatever that means, and for the day job and the dream job to be one and the same. I am taking what I have deemed to be the necessary steps to achieve this goal, and I can only hope that things will turn out the way that they should. So we shall see.

Neimah and I did manage a trip back home, to spend some time with Mom and assorted other family in Kentucky…

That would be Mom and Second Mom (Donna) on the front porch, eating Buddy’s Pizza and having some beers while the Friday Night Concert series wailed away on the Old Capitol lawn just across the street. The second picture is the incomparably Suzy (with Neimah, of course), who came to join us for a bit and watch the show. It’s nights like that one that make me the most homesick. Summer is the best season in Kentucky.

And also in Tennesee. : ) My dad and stepmom have a house right on Boone Lake in East Tennessee, so we spent our days with them out on the water or near it. Neimah proved himself a natural at wakeboarding, we went to the Appalachian State Fair, and spent a lot of time with these two:

My little brother and sister, Cole and Kennedy, pictured here with me and the massive stuffed animals they won at the fair. The little lady had her seventh birthday while we were there, and we got to celebrate that between football practice and cheerleading class. Neimah’s already itching to go back, and I think Dad and Angie are eager for us to make it back down too. It looks like we might be having a Tennessee holiday this winter, too.

On the knitting front, I admit I slacked off a bit while the BSG game was on hiatus. I finished four projects for the second month of challenges, only two for the third, and as previously mentioned, didn’t even come close to finishing my “Viper Training,” which was a project I had the whole three months to do. I have been able to keep up the “sock a month” goal. I’m still working on my September ones now, so look for pictures next post. Just for eye candy, here are a few projects of which I am particularly proud:

First, Mom’s Cinnamon Bay Wrap (ravlink), her birthday shawlette, in some really lovely Malabrigo sock. If you knit or crochet and haven’t worked with this yarn yet, FIND A WAY. It’s fantastic. Second, Twilight Mitts for Lis (ravlink). She’s obsessed with the books, movies, and Robert Pattinson, so I thought some mittens inspired by ones Bella wears in the first film would be an appropriate Christmas present. Knit up densely in some Misti Alpaca, I was tempted to steal them for myself. : ) Lastly, Ara (ravlink), a cuddly little bunny for Donna’s new step-granddaughter, Casey. It’s one of Ysolda Teague’s toy patterns, called Sophie. I love these toys. They’re so sweet and floppy, and super easy to knit.

I’ve still got a ton of Christmas present planning and making on the horizon, and while I’d love to kick some ideas around on the blog, I’d hate to spoil any surprises. : ) Not to mention the next round of the BSG game has begun, and I’m already getting in over my head. Doubtless there will be lots of pretty knitting next post, and hopefully some recipes too… I think I’ve finally found the perfect Red Velvet cake. I’ve just got to find a way to make it more palatable for the lactose-intolerant love of my life.

I do apologize for the seasonal posts, but thanks for hanging in there, readers. It’s nice to know you’re there. Happy autumn!

– Audrey