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Wanted: Dead or Alive

I really don’t know how it could have happened. I’m not usually careless about these sorts of things. I have a routine, a way of doing things, that remains mostly consistent between a handful of acceptable variations, simply to ensure things like this don’t happen. But happen it has. Despite cleaning the house from top to bottom last weekend and keeping a desperate eye out, I was unsuccessful. Guys. I LOST.. Read More

Nerd-tastic: February

Well, I’m a little behind. As can be determined based on the fact that I just posted a sweater from January on Friday. Ahem. Anyways, GAME THINGS FROM FEBRUARY!     The first pair of socks are the Maelstroms (link) that I started for January, finished for the brand-new Nerd Wars challenge that’s all for WIPs and sent off as a swap gift. Then I made a careful selection of.. Read More

Finished: Cithara

In January, I knit a sweater:     Mr. Boyfriend got a hoodie! I was jealous! Pattern is the lovely Cithara (link) from the ever-awesome Twist Collective. I knit it out of Tosh Merino, which you might recall from other outings as Snake Hats and Maude Hats. Generally, one wants to avoid using a single-ply yarn with a short fiber stable for something that will see as much friction as a.. Read More

Nerd-tastic: December

In December, there were games, and I made things for them:   Top to bottom, left to right: The sweater-hoodie I promised Mr. Boyfriend last Christmas; another Jackson scarf, this time for Dad, in neutral man-colors of Swan’s Island Fingering Weight; Irish rose brooches for Christmas gifting from some sport silk remnants I had laying around; a headband/earwarmer thing out of some delightful smooshy glittery yarn (more gifts); September socks.. Read More

Nerd-tastic: October & November

October was a thin month for the knitting. Top row is all I managed to get done for the month (along with a big chunk of Mr. Boyfriend’s Christmas sweater, to be discussed later): A little brooch of holly leaves, a Bigger On The Inside (link) shawlette for my friend Tom to give his lady-friend for Christmas, and another desperately needed Swiffer cover, in candy stripes. As for November, I.. Read More

Finished: Amiga

This was really the only thing I finished in September. But it was fun, and not as wonky-looking as my silly camera wants to make it.   This is a cute little sweater from last year’s Spring/Summer Knitty, knit up in some lovely Madelinetosh Merino Light I got when Mr. Boyfriend and I went to Chicago last October. I found some mismatched but coordinating buttons in stash, and that’s pretty.. Read More

Nerd-tastic: August Games Round-up

Since the October games are now upon us, I thought I should probably show you what I made in August! So from left to right, top to bottom: A black wig to go incognito as a tribute to Carolyn Keene/Nancy Drew, the little lace wrap I finally finished, seven hexipuffs in the ROYGBIV spectrum, some cabled socks in a color so bright it burns the retina, a yarnbomb in honor.. Read More

Nerd-tastic: July Games Round-up

In July, I made some things: From left to right, top to bottom: A basically finished stripey sweater—needs buttons. 14 hexipuffs for the Beekeeper’s Quilt A sweet little kerchief for a friend who’s been ill, in a lovely glittery JulieSpins yarn (link). A crocheted Irish Rose mounted on a pin, because brooches are rad. Socks. ‘Nuff said. A crocheted string bag for marketing that flips itself into its own pouch… Read More

Chard-o-riffic Mac ‘n Cheese. And a monster.

So I began last night’s dinner with Smitten Kitchen’s creamed chard recipe (link) as a jumping-off point. This was the right thing to do. Since I had no spring onions, and a wealth of garlic scapes, I did a little swap. Also, because I did not want to kill the lactose-intolerant Mr. Boyfriend, I used almond milk instead of cow milk. So here we go. 2 bunches chard, thick ribs.. Read More

Playing catch-up, Part 6: Game Things

I’m trying to be a good girl, and actually give a little word-space to all the stuff I’ve been too lax to blog up proper in the past few months. To that end, I present Part the Sixth: VARIOUS AND SUNDRY COMPETITIVE KNITTING.                         From left to right, top to bottom: knit caps for a children’s hospital, a double-knit.. Read More