In December, there were games, and I made things for them:

drekar jackson2 roses2

skibunnyhead winnowsocks wreath



Top to bottom, left to right: The sweater-hoodie I promised Mr. Boyfriend last Christmas; another Jackson scarf, this time for Dad, in neutral man-colors of Swan’s Island Fingering Weight; Irish rose brooches for Christmas gifting from some sport silk remnants I had laying around; a headband/earwarmer thing out of some delightful smooshy glittery yarn (more gifts); September socks ripped and reknit for the Banana’s smaller-than-mine feets; a crocheted and embellished wreath for the front door (whose ribbon fell off this morning as I was leaving); and a little stuffed monster (not technically a game submission, but finished in December and soon to be mailed off to the outreach project for which it was created).

I am, of course, most proud of the hoodie. I used it as my three-month challenge this go, and was thrilled to finish it in time for the end of tourney, if not Christmas proper. It turned out so well that I think I’m actually going to draft a pattern for it—and hopefully submit it for publication at one of my favorite webzines this year! A pattern will also be forthcoming for the earwarmer, but that will be free and posted up with the yoga bag pattern on my patterns page.

All sorts of other things I’d like to talk about, but I think they should wait for their own post. I have GOALS for 2013, people. KNITTING-RELATED GOALS. Stick around, it’s going to be madness.