So again, much like last year, I sit down to make this list a bit later than I would have liked. Though not as late as last year, which I think is saying something. So a numbered recap of my 2012, as follows:

  1. I completedĀ over forty knitted and crocheted things, including some pretty impressive colorwork, seven lacy things, six pairs of socks, five sweaters, and a host of smaller projects that found uses in ways I did not expect. It was a good year for the knitting.
  2. I took on a creative position of responsibility within my nerd-games, and I really enjoy it.
  3. I finished a dress, from a pattern, without help, that I actually like and wear and fits me reasonably well.
  4. Despite collecting a lot more patterns and fabric, I did not sew nearly as much as I would have liked.
  5. I had more migraines in 2012 than in 2011.
  6. But in spite of that, I stayed pretty darn healthy.
  7. Though I did almost (possibly?) break my arm when I got hit by a livery cab on my bike.
  8. I haven’t ridden my bike nearly as much as in 2011.
  9. I have, ergo, spent far more money than I budgeted on bus fare.
  10. I worked on a friend’s prethesis movie as AD (which was awesome), and two shows (one of which was fun, and one of which was not so much).
  11. I did not find myself at any point in 2012 to be in a difficult monetary situation. I am really proud of that.
  12. Mr. Boyfriend and I successfully made the transition into opening a joint bank account.
  13. Oh yeah. I really, really like that Mr. Boyfriend guy. Still. 7 years after the fact, and he’s just the greatest.
  14. We adopted a new cat, who we love very much.
  15. In spite of new cat’s superiority to old cat in the snuggling department, we still love her very much too.
  16. We joined a CSA, and ate a lot of new and wonderful vegetables. It was grand.
  17. As a result, eating at restaurants was seriously curtailed.
  18. I bought a piano.
  19. I have not played said piano as much as I would like.
  20. Not nearly enough yoga happened in 2012. I’m working on that.
  21. I did read 80 books though, only 6 of which I’d read before.
  22. I wrote my very first for-sale knitting pattern
  23. I wrote my very first finished song (with copious help from Mr. Boyfriend).
  24. I wrote a lot on other things as well.
  25. I lost some people that were very dear to me, andĀ I made an effort to reconnect with some people that are still very dear to me.

I’ve seen a lot of friends online and elsewhere lamenting most of 2012 and professing their sincere happiness in seeing the end of it. But I have to say that for me, overall, 2012 was a good year. While I’m still happy to see the end of it, it’s mostly because I’m looking very forward to 2013. I hope you are too!