A Domestic Manifest

I make things, then I write about them.

Finished Object: Emelie

Me and fingering weight sweaters, guys. It’s a real problem. I stashed this yarn (Malabrigo Sock in Ravelry Red) way back when I still worked at Annie’s with the intention of turning it into this sweater. I’ve been making a vested interest lately to work through what I’ve termed “the long-suffering club,” patterns that I’ve had queued on Ravelry upwards of four years. I’m getting there. ­čÖé I knit this.. Read More

Finished Object: Hedera

Yeah yeah. I still knit. So many things in life got fed to the time-hungry monsters that were Awful Job and its accompanying depression, and one of those was my Self-Imposed Sock Club. I finished a measly 4 pairs of that club, and one just this year! So for 2015, I’m aiming to get back on the horse. I’m not aiming too well, judging by the fact that I just.. Read More

Finished Object: Joy

I’ve got a bit of a backlog of finished items to share, so I might actually make something of this whole Me-made May trend. Item the first? A sweater! I started this one way back last April for my dissertation in the final round of Nerd Wars. Due to time constraints of Awful Job, I didn’t even come close to finishing. I’ve been on something of a tear to complete.. Read More

Postcards from Peru

Last February, Neimah took a trip to Peru. As he is wont to do, because he is the best friend I ever had and knows me so very well, he brought me back souvenirs in the form of textiles. This particular trip yielded two large woven wool panels, a bag of clay beads, and some alpaca yarn. I have since discovered that I’m too sensitive to the alpaca to wear.. Read More

Containers of Love, pt. 2

This has so far been a very popular year for comfort items. The friends for whom I made the dragon-scale baby blanket of previous fame have (thankfully) kept me quite busy lately, first with making a repeat of the dragon blankie for another friend of theirs, and then with a ripple afghan for their sister-in-law who’s currently undergoing treatment for leukemia. They picked a lovely, calming blue in one of.. Read More

Containers of Love

So many finished projects I need to tell you about. And the first one is this: A dragon-scale inspired blankie for a friend’s new baby boy.┬áSince said friend is our DM and a great lover of all things fantasy, I though a draconic blanket would be a fitting gift. While Webs sent me a different yarn than the one I ordered, the color was perfect and it only turned out.. Read More

Me-Made May… My Version.

So there’s a thing on the crafty internet called Me-Made May. The point of this “thing” is for people to compose outfits for the entire month out of things they have made themselves. I love Me-Made May. I think it’s such a cool concept and a neat way to open up your mind and closet for the great wardrobe pieces you have and the ones you might need to add… Read More

Nerdtastic: October

Game-things have returned! YAY!             So, from left to right: my finished Color Craving Mystery Knitalong shawl, a Jayne hat for my friend Ian’s Halloween getup, the socks I started waaaaaaay back in August from the first installation of the 716knits Firefly Sock Club, a cotton washcloth with a happy little raincloud on it, and another Parseltongue hat in some wonderfully squishy Malabrigo Twist for.. Read More

Finished: Dracula’s Bride

I make things! Really, I do! I promise! See?   Granted, it seems the only things I blog are ginormous lace shawls. But still. This is Dracula’s Bride (link), a hexagonal lace shawl in two skeins (about 1900 yards) of Madelinetosh Lace in Clematis Heather I had stashed from many moons at Annie’s ago. While you can’t see them, it’s also spangled with little coppery beads. I was going for.. Read More


April 30 to September 30. That’s an absurd amount of time to try and cover in one entry, so I really won’t even attempt it. Here are the big things: My grandfather passed away on July 15. It was expected and something of a blessing, but it still feels like a clean empty place in the middle of my chest whenever I think about it, which is often. Mr. Boyfriend.. Read More