Dedicated readers of the The Blog will know that I don’t often knit socks for the Husband-Dude.

There are several reasons for this. One is that he doesn’t much like wool socks, so finding yarn that he likes for socks can be tricky. Another is that his feet are GINORMOUS, and thus making socks for him takes a really, really long time (comparatively speaking). And yet another is that I’m just a greedy jerk who prefers to make stuff for herself.

But sometimes I manage to overcome all of these hurdles and do it anyway.

Sock picture…now with bonus cat!

A friend from my BSG group gifted me some Mary Maxim bamboo sock yarn a couple of swaps ago, so I had the requisite non-wool. I decided to try the two-at-a-time toe-up method to see if it would speed things up. And July contains Husband-Dude’s birthday. So I went for it.

Notes: The Mary Maxim was a hit. He loves the feel, and it was soft and nice to knit with (though splitty and apparently covered in catnip–Smaug loves these socks). It is, of course, discontinued. I HATED the TaaT method. Wrestling all that sock around one little needle was a major pain, and it strangely made the knitting feel even more interminable because all my usual sock “checkpoints” (gusset, heel turn, etc.) felt like they took even longer to reach. Since I’ve never suffered overmuch from second sock syndrome, I don’t think this is something I’ll do again. But it’s nice to know I can, right? And lastly, I’ve discharged my BoySock duty for another year.

At least.