Yeah yeah. I still knit.


So many things in life got fed to the time-hungry monsters that were Awful Job and its accompanying depression, and one of those was my Self-Imposed Sock Club. I finished a measly 4 pairs of that club, and one just this year! So for 2015, I’m aiming to get back on the horse. I’m not aiming too well, judging by the fact that I just finished pair #1 of 6 and it’s already May, but NEVER MIND THAT! ON WITH THE SOCKS!

I knit a pair of Hedera many many moons ago when I first started knitting socks, and I never forgot about it. It’s a stupid simple pattern, but it turns out a lovely sock. The yarn is…I forget. Wow. I am awful. It was gifted to me in my BSG group’s most recent holiday swap, and I really loved knitting with it. Tess’s Pearls, maybe? Something like that? Anyway, it’s a perfect ivy green for this little ivy pattern, and it feels good to be back in the sock-knitting groove. Next up? RIVERCATS!