…which I can’t even really say, since for the past few years we’ve had a lovely and capable accountant take care of all that for us. But I am feeling a bit of a rush at the moment to SHOW YOU ALL THE THINGS! that were finished in 2015 and I never got around to blogging. Sound familiar?

It’s pretty much my mission statement, I think.

This post is going to be knitting-heavy, but I do have a couple sewn/Wardrobe Architect things to share in the next couple days. But first, socks!


These fantastically clown barf-y stockinette socks wound up being pair #5 for the year…not too shabby for someone who got cracking on her sock “club” much later than usual. The yarn is Manos Alegrìa, picked up on my very first trip in person to the magical world of WEBS. I knitted most of them in the car on the way back from Wine&Yarn in Maine, while chatting and singing and generally spending some wonderful quality time with my dear RedMaggie and Mara. I recently went through and pulled a bunch of pairs that need darning, and several that had shrunk and felted too much for me to wear comfortably. As a result, Self-Imposed Sock Club for 2016 is ON, and with a vengeance. I’m trying to knock out 12 pairs this year. Oy.

IMG_1050 IMG_1085

The gloves! Though winter was slow in coming this year, I did need a new pair of everyday fingerless mitts (I’d lost one of my old pair, sadly). I banged the gray ones out with some yarn I’d had stashed so long the moths had gotten to it (eep!), and they’re doing the trick quite well. The stripey pair is another of my very own pattern, the Ski Bunny Mitts. In an effort to drum up some purchases I decided to have it tested for accuracy, and thus needed to make another pair myself to gauge how much time they took to make. The yarn is the glorious Road to China, and I’m not sure what’s happening with these yet. I also knit up a Seathwaite hat in some rustic undyed wool in my stash and used the leftover bits from these to knit the inside brim of something a little softer, so I technically have a matching set. For next year’s gift pile, perhaps?


More winter wear! A quickie hat from the leftover skein of Tosh Home I had from one of the many baby blankets. One can never have enough hats. Right? And now I match the other Brooklyn General ladies with their bulky Tosh hats. 😀


THIS. May be the cutest thing I’ve ever made. A little professorial cardigan for our friends’ little boy (that should safely be able to fit their next little critter regardless of gender). And lastly…


Peacock the Second. Just as huge as her predecessor, though in a slightly lighter yarn (Jade Sapphire’s 2-ply Cashmere, color Primordial). This one also got a lot of attention over Wine&Yarn weekend, and I finished it up in early September. So considering the first Peacock took me over 18 months, and this one only 5? WIN. And though I dearly love knitting lace, I might be taking a little break from it for awhile. As pretty as it is, I don’t have much utility for shawls in my day-to-day, and I now have more than enough for any special occasion.

So. That’s pretty much all the stuff I finished up and never blogged in 2015.

Just a couple things left to share. 😉