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Finished Object: Mississippi Avenue #2

Yeah, I made another one. It’s just so comfy I couldn’t help it. Plus, dresses! I added some pockets, but other than that I worked this up exactly as directed by the pattern. I had this gingham in stash intended for another project, but as soon as I finished the blouse view, I reassigned it. I love this pattern. It’s simple, easy to wear, and quick. Perfect for summer. A.. Read More

Travels With Myself and Veronica

Whew! It’s been a busy couple months around here, what with the Husband-Dude¬†injuring both his hands in a motorcycle accident, heading to New Mexico to make a movie, and starting New Awesome Job in earnest. Not to mention jaunts to the beach, the botanical garden, and exploring NYC’s forgotten borough, Staten Island. Things have been so busy, in fact, that I’m going to skip right over all of that and.. Read More


Several years ago, when cleaning out her Florida condo and consolidating her sewing machine armada, my Nanny Jo gave me a serger. Sergers, for those of you not intimately familiar with the sewing world and its many strange and terrible nuances, are used for overlocking. Overlocking is a very useful type of stitch for finishing raw edges of fabric so they don’t ravel; and, because it has a lot of.. Read More

Finished Object: Mississippi Avenue

For those of you following along at home, I landed myself a part-time job. Both the up-and downside of this job? It’s a yarn and fabric store staffed by the loveliest and sweetest bunch of enablers you ever met. ūüôā To wit, I present the Mississippi Avenue blouse (view A of the pattern): I had this pretty gray and floral print fabric earmarked for Colette’s Hawthorn (again, the blouse view),.. Read More

Postcards from Peru

Last February, Neimah took a trip to Peru. As he is wont to do, because he is the best friend I ever had and knows me so very well, he brought me back souvenirs in the form of textiles. This particular trip yielded two large woven wool panels, a bag of clay beads, and some alpaca yarn. I have since discovered that I’m too sensitive to the alpaca to wear.. Read More

Finished Object: The Violet Blouse

Yup. I still make stuff. I finished this adorable little blouse yesterday evening. The pattern is Violet, from the inimitable Colette Patterns, with floral cotton voile from Elliott Berman Textiles (I love this shop so, so very much) and some plain black shirting from Gorgeous Fabrics (another favorite, recommended by Gertie). I completed version 2 with elbow-length sleeves gathered with elastic in a bias-tape channel. I decided to go with.. Read More

Finished Object: Tulip Blouse

Fair warning: I am insanely proud of this project. It may not look like much, but this little blouse is the product of my very. first. drafted. pattern. It all started with a Stitchfix box. I signed up for Stitchfix after a friend recommended it on Facebook. It’s a pretty neat service, actually, especially for people like me who loathe shopping with the fire of a thousand suns. You sign.. Read More

Finished Objects: Portrait Blouse and Pencil Skirt

As part of Me-Made May, I am attempting to increase the amount of me-made options in my closet instead of trying to put together a me-made outfit every day.¬† I’ve been a big fan of Gertie’s Blog for Better Sewing for quite awhile, so it was a no-brainer that I would get her book when it came out. I’ve made the pencil skirt pattern before (unblogged, shame on me!) but.. Read More

New Tools, New Trade

Well, maybe not so new. But with a job that requires me to dress like a “grown-up” instead of in jeans and a t-shirt every day, I’ve discovered a new impetus and dedication for my sewing. And while this whirlwind of new projects has been a lot of fun, it’s been… difficult. You see, Nancy has been getting up in years, and she’s not used to working this much. Her.. Read More

Finished: The Little Black Dress

Nancy and I¬†are on a¬†roll, people.   My second finished item for the weekend? A little black dress. I finally own a classic LBD that I can dress up or down as the occasion¬†demands; that’s easy to roll up and take away and toss on any time I need to. It’s perfect. And best of all? It’s a knit! A gorgeous black wool jersey for the dress, and a stretch.. Read More