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Containers of Love

So many finished projects I need to tell you about. And the first one is this: A dragon-scale inspired blankie for a friend’s new baby boy.┬áSince said friend is our DM and a great lover of all things fantasy, I though a draconic blanket would be a fitting gift. While Webs sent me a different yarn than the one I ordered, the color was perfect and it only turned out.. Read More

Me-Made May… My Version.

So there’s a thing on the crafty internet called Me-Made May. The point of this “thing” is for people to compose outfits for the entire month out of things they have made themselves. I love Me-Made May. I think it’s such a cool concept and a neat way to open up your mind and closet for the great wardrobe pieces you have and the ones you might need to add… Read More

Nerdtastic: October

Game-things have returned! YAY!             So, from left to right: my finished Color Craving Mystery Knitalong shawl, a Jayne hat for my friend Ian’s Halloween getup, the socks I started waaaaaaay back in August from the first installation of the 716knits Firefly Sock Club, a cotton washcloth with a happy little raincloud on it, and another Parseltongue hat in some wonderfully squishy Malabrigo Twist for.. Read More

Finished: Dracula’s Bride

I make things! Really, I do! I promise! See?   Granted, it seems the only things I blog are ginormous lace shawls. But still. This is Dracula’s Bride (link), a hexagonal lace shawl in two skeins (about 1900 yards) of Madelinetosh Lace in Clematis Heather I had stashed from many moons at Annie’s ago. While you can’t see them, it’s also spangled with little coppery beads. I was going for.. Read More


April 30 to September 30. That’s an absurd amount of time to try and cover in one entry, so I really won’t even attempt it. Here are the big things: My grandfather passed away on July 15. It was expected and something of a blessing, but it still feels like a clean empty place in the middle of my chest whenever I think about it, which is often. Mr. Boyfriend.. Read More

Finished: Celestarium

Look up at the sky…   Yep, it’s done. It took a pretty heroic effort there at the end to get all 8,000 miles of edging knit, but I made it happen. The photo above is post-blocking, and the finished shawl has a 45″ diameter. The pattern called for 48″, but I didn’t want to pull it too tightly and create a more open stockinette and risk losing the cool.. Read More

Nerdtastic: March Games

Again, a bit late but better than never:                   From left to right: yet another Maude hat to replace the green one I passed along to my cousin Maggie Mae, a lovely pair of Crenellated (pattern by my very own Rosa, the Drunken Homemaker!) in the first installment of the 2013 Socks That Rock Yarn Club, a sweet lacy little hat in.. Read More

Sock Knitting Self-Interview

The darling Orooni posted this a few days ago over on her blog, and I thought it was both a fun idea and kind of a nice stock-taking of my sock knitting oeuvre. So pardons if you’re bored, but onward: 1. Which pair, of all that you have made, are your favorite? Tough call, but probably my Pendragon socks. Not only was the pattern inspired by one of my favorite.. Read More

Starry starry progress

So I’ve picked up work on a new show, which is delightful for me but will likely mean a drastic decline in knitting for the foreseeable future. So while I can, some progress on my sky:   Please note the hand included for scale. This thing is only half finished. And there’s more folded underneath you can’t really see. I think I’ve just placed Orion’s feet. I think.

Wanted: Dead or Alive

I really don’t know how it could have happened. I’m not usually careless about these sorts of things. I have a routine, a way of doing things, that remains mostly consistent between a handful of acceptable variations, simply to ensure things like this┬ádon’t happen. But happen it has. Despite cleaning the house from top to bottom last weekend and keeping a desperate eye out, I was unsuccessful. Guys. I LOST.. Read More