Yeah, it’s wrinkly. But that’s because I’ve been wearing the crap out of this thing since I finally hemmed it a couple weeks ago.

Once upon a time, I started getting boxes from Stitch Fix. They’re usually well-curated, and it’s a lot of fun to open a parcel full of things you will very likely love. But on occasion (two, so far), one of the things I love is just a little bit off… either it’s in a fabric I’m not crazy about, or it doesn’t fit quite right, or it’s more expensive than I’m willing to shell out. The particular top from which I ripped off my creation above was all of those things. It was a little too big, a little too horizontally-striped, and a little too much money for what I knew I could make myself in about 10 minutes flat.

And had I not bailed on the hemming for three months, that would have been pretty much the case.

I traced the top before returning it to Stitch Fix, cut it out of some of the leftover jersey from the dress I made last summer, and ran it through the serger. Then when faced with an outdoor concert in Coney Island, I remembered that it was still sitting on the shelf by my dresser awaiting finishing. I hemmed it in the most gitrdone way possible, and voila, SHIRT!

And despite cutting pretty much every possible corner, it’s holding up. I’ve worn it a handful of times already, and while the jersey is starting to pill a little, I don’t even care. Cheap. Comfy. Cool. Perfect for throwing on with some shorts on these really hot, sticky days. It’s not technically part of the Wardrobe Architect, but it really could be. I love it.