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Finished: Celestarium

Look up at the sky…   Yep, it’s done. It took a pretty heroic effort there at the end to get all 8,000 miles of edging knit, but I made it happen. The photo above is post-blocking, and the finished shawl has a 45″ diameter. The pattern called for 48″, but I didn’t want to pull it too tightly and create a more open stockinette and risk losing the cool.. Read More

Nerdtastic: March Games

Again, a bit late but better than never:                   From left to right: yet another Maude hat to replace the green one I passed along to my cousin Maggie Mae, a lovely pair of Crenellated (pattern by my very own Rosa, the Drunken Homemaker!) in the first installment of the 2013 Socks That Rock Yarn Club, a sweet lacy little hat in.. Read More

We took a little trip.

This past weekend, Mr. Boyfriend and I scoffed at the chilly New York spring we’ve been having and set off for the Pacific Northwest…   Where it was sunny and 70° and absolutely perfect for a large outdoor picnic filled with his extended family. You see, this past weekend (well, actually Monday) was sizdeh bedar, the thirteenth day after the Persian new year, which is traditionally spent out-of-doors in order to.. Read More

Sock Knitting Self-Interview

The darling Orooni posted this a few days ago over on her blog, and I thought it was both a fun idea and kind of a nice stock-taking of my sock knitting oeuvre. So pardons if you’re bored, but onward: 1. Which pair, of all that you have made, are your favorite? Tough call, but probably my Pendragon socks. Not only was the pattern inspired by one of my favorite.. Read More