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Starry starry progress

So I’ve picked up work on a new show, which is delightful for me but will likely mean a drastic decline in knitting for the foreseeable future. So while I can, some progress on my sky:   Please note the hand included for scale. This thing is only half finished. And there’s more folded underneath you can’t really see. I think I’ve just placed Orion’s feet. I think.

Finished: Golightly

Well. Here we are. I made a dress. A pretty, vintage-inspired, Mad Men-wannabe Breakfast at Tiffany’s dress. The pattern is Butterick 5603 (link), worked up in a gorgeous polyester taffeta I got at P & S Fabrics. The accent color you see (the pink) is actually the right side of the fabric, but I thought the darker color (and the more satin-like texture of the wrong side) was just gorgeous, and elected to.. Read More

Wanted: Dead or Alive

I really don’t know how it could have happened. I’m not usually careless about these sorts of things. I have a routine, a way of doing things, that remains mostly consistent between a handful of acceptable variations, simply to ensure things like this don’t happen. But happen it has. Despite cleaning the house from top to bottom last weekend and keeping a desperate eye out, I was unsuccessful. Guys. I LOST.. Read More

Nerd-tastic: February

Well, I’m a little behind. As can be determined based on the fact that I just posted a sweater from January on Friday. Ahem. Anyways, GAME THINGS FROM FEBRUARY!     The first pair of socks are the Maelstroms (link) that I started for January, finished for the brand-new Nerd Wars challenge that’s all for WIPs and sent off as a swap gift. Then I made a careful selection of.. Read More

Finished: Cithara

In January, I knit a sweater:     Mr. Boyfriend got a hoodie! I was jealous! Pattern is the lovely Cithara (link) from the ever-awesome Twist Collective. I knit it out of Tosh Merino, which you might recall from other outings as Snake Hats and Maude Hats. Generally, one wants to avoid using a single-ply yarn with a short fiber stable for something that will see as much friction as a.. Read More

Getting old is not for wimps, pt. 2

I feel it fitting that I should be writing this post the day before my birthday. Also fitting that it should be written about two and a half months after what is now “Part 1” of this story. Anyways, onward. After coming to grips with the fact that I am, in fact, getting older and that such an inexorable process necessitates I begin to take more care with this consumable.. Read More