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Nerd-tastic: October & November

October was a thin month for the knitting. Top row is all I managed to get done for the month (along with a big chunk of Mr. Boyfriend’s Christmas sweater, to be discussed later): A little brooch of holly leaves, a Bigger On The Inside (link) shawlette for my friend Tom to give his lady-friend for Christmas, and another desperately needed Swiffer cover, in candy stripes. As for November, I.. Read More

Now Playing: The Big Band

When at work, Spotify has become my new best friend, and I’ve had a lot of fun putting together my own playlists. And, because I’m an egotistical jerk, I thought perhaps these lists should be shared. So, if you use Spotify and would like a little new music, may I present: Big Band Swing (link) 38 tracks, 2 hours Sometimes, you just need some good music to cook to. And.. Read More

Finished: Amiga

This was really the only thing I finished in September. But it was fun, and not as wonky-looking as my silly camera wants to make it.   This is a cute little sweater from last year’s Spring/Summer Knitty, knit up in some lovely Madelinetosh Merino Light I got when Mr. Boyfriend and I went to Chicago last October. I found some mismatched but coordinating buttons in stash, and that’s pretty.. Read More

Holy long silence, Batman!

Yep, still alive. You might have wondered. To be fair I’ve been rather busy, between trips home and hurricanes and trying to adjust my diurnal needs with the yearly dearth of daylight. You know, things. I do have lots of things to show you, but they’ll be along shortly. I’m writing today to confess a problem. Ever since I was little, I’ve been a big reader. My habit was to.. Read More