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More socks.

So I finished mom’s socks, and got them out only a week after actual Mother’s Day… and did send them along with her Christmas socks. So hopefully the weather will comply, and continue in this wonderfully cool pattern it’s developed lately, and allow her a little more time to wear her woollies before she has to fold them away til fall. So I finished the Banana’s socks, and promptly went.. Read More

Mother’s Day present, still in progress.

Socks are being made for the Banana for Mother’s Day. The astute reader will notice that the holiday has already passed. I might also make mention of the fact that I still haven’t mailed her the Christmas Hederas I knitted for her. My Banana is a very forgiving and patient mama. I am a pretty crummy sender of presents. I have to remind myself of this every time I see.. Read More

We have visual.

I did it. I finally did it. I managed to find out how to post a damn picture on this blog. Hopefully now we can get the party started, as the saying goes. I’ve been doing only a moderate amount of knitting lately, mostly because I’ve been upping my reading and writing time as much as I can in an effort to try and create some productivity in my artistic.. Read More