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Sweet Baby James

Oh MAN. That was an awesome show. The photo above is my merch score, a nice T-shirt to replace (or augment, whichever) my old ratty one from the “Never Die Young” tour in 1988. I stole it from my grandma, and it’s developing holes in all sorts of interesting places. This one is nice and tough. I think it can take the wear, even if it’s another 20 years before.. Read More

To frog, or not to frog…

That is the question. Apologies in advance. This entry will probably remain entirely picture-less, since I’m writing while at work and have no access to a) the items under discussion, and b) all the various computery things that I need to in order to make pictures happen. Sigh. **EDIT** I couldn’t bear it. Photos below. So I had finished knitting all the various pieces of my second Cotton Camisole (by.. Read More

FO: The Miss-Matched Socks

All done! The Specs: Pattern: none, really. Just a 2×2 rib with a flap heel and round toe. Yarn: Koigu KPM in green and purple, 1 skein each. Notions: 2 #1 Addi Turbo circs. Modifications: I did a pseudo-slip stitch heel, slipping every other stitch of every other knit row. They turned out pretty nice. I took a lot of care to weave in the ends, leaving little bits out.. Read More

Lace Lust

Despite the rather alarming number of Works in Progress I’ve got on the needles at the moment (five at last count, after tossing one that has been dozing since last October), I find myself obsessed with starting a lace project. I attribute this desire to the time of year. Warm floaty breezes are really only meant to send a shiver of movement through a delicate lace shawl, after all, and.. Read More