Despite the rather alarming number of Works in Progress I’ve got on the needles at the moment (five at last count, after tossing one that has been dozing since last October), I find myself obsessed with starting a lace project. I attribute this desire to the time of year. Warm floaty breezes are really only meant to send a shiver of movement through a delicate lace shawl, after all, and it was right around this time last year that I began (and finished, hurriedly) my first real lace project ever: the Glorianna scarf which I sent with Neimah to Vancouver to give his mother for her 49th birthday.

I’ve got a lot of lace right now in the queue. I think because the photo session I had with The Stash revealed that I have a pretty considerable amount of laceweight yarn. I also have several lace gift projects that need making up… the Peacock for my mother, a white stole for my grandmother.

The Laminaria and South Sea Stole for me. The best gifts are the ones we give ourselves, no? 😉

But in spite of this urgent need to knit lace, I find myself awash in socks. Observe:


This is the beginning of what I’m calling the Miss-Matched Socks. I’m making them for a friend who is giving them as a gift. We decided (with some influence from her yarn budget) that I’d get a skein each of purple and green Koigu, and that the socks would be reverses of each other: one purple with green accents, and one green with purple accents. So you see. They are going remarkably quickly. I’ve already reached the gusset shaping on the first and I only started them Wednesday. Thank goodness for simple stockinette and circular needles. My only guff with them so far is the holes I’m getting at the gusset. This is only the second time I’ve knit socks with Koigu (the first being Mom’s Pomatomous, which, being a ribbed pattern, was much denser), and I’m finding it to be a rather light and smooshy yarn. It feels lovely, but I’m not sure how well it will hold up.

Ah well. Not my problem, I suppose. I will do my best and leave it at that. Everything else is up to the yarn gods and the care the recipient plans to give them, right?

So I’m tossing these out as quickly as I can, at the request of the friend-commissioner. Then it’s back to NeOney BoySocks, then hopefully to finish the rest of the damned WIPs before casting on something else.

Hah. I’ve really got myself fooled, haven’t I? Ah well. Look for lace in another week or so. 😉