So I finished mom’s socks, and got them out only a week after actual Mother’s Day… and did send them along with her Christmas socks. So hopefully the weather will comply, and continue in this wonderfully cool pattern it’s developed lately, and allow her a little more time to wear her woollies before she has to fold them away til fall.

So I finished the Banana’s socks, and promptly went off and finished the Bellatrix. They were really a quick study from the gusset on (double-pointed needles be damned) and although I made them a bit too small, I’m keeping them. Mineminemine. They’re pretty.


And post-Bella, I decided to get back into working on some other things in progress. I’m in the home stretch of actual knitting for the camisole, and I finally hauled out my entire yarn stash and photographed it for my Ravelry page. I even organized it according to stuff that’s been used, things I’d like to trade or sell, and things that I’m keeping in my “personal” stash. I’d planned to finish up Aimee as soon as I was done knitting the cami, but…


Oh, yarn. Yarn arrival from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. And while I do have a chronic case of “start-itis,” just like almost every other knitter I know, I can quash it rather well when I have a mind. You will notice, of course, that the blue one (Lucy in the Sky in mediumweight, for those interested parties) is already wound.


Make that already cast on. You see, that yarn was purchased particularly for a queued project that I’m making for a friend. Neil O-knee, Esquire, is in possession of his very own knitter: The Nylander. However, The Nylander doesn’t knit socks (or anything else that calls for a needle smaller than a US 4). She also makes coffee for a living, and her skill and passion for barista-ing often mean that her skill and passion for knitting are left to rust temporarily. And Neil likes socks. So, in honor of the The Nylander, who taught me to knit in the long-ago past, I am knitting some socks for her Boy.

So onto the needles they go. This is the Buffalo Guy’s Diamond Sock pattern, which I found (of course) on Ravelry. It’s a pretty simple knit-purl pattern, which I’m sure is going to be completely unnoticeable in the final sock. Frankly, I just needed something to keep me from going crazy. 🙂 BoySocks are long and arduous, and you find yourself tempted to put a needle through your eye if you’re working them in straight stockinette. So I’m told. The coolest thing so far about these socks is that the yarn appears to be somewhat self-stripey, with the white bands sort of spiralling around. Nifty! That, combined with the pattern, is enough to keep these interesting.

So I guess Aimee will just have to keep waiting!