That is the question.

Apologies in advance. This entry will probably remain entirely picture-less, since I’m writing while at work and have no access to a) the items under discussion, and b) all the various computery things that I need to in order to make pictures happen. Sigh. **EDIT** I couldn’t bear it. Photos below.

So I had finished knitting all the various pieces of my second Cotton Camisole (by Jennie Atkinson), had blocked the two body pieces to straighten them, and I sat down to seam on Wednesday.

And despite the rather loose look the camisole has on the model in the picture, this thing is CLEARLY meant to be knit with at least 2″ of negative ease.


It’s a tent. (The second photo is after I thought maybe taking it in a bit would fix ‘er up. Still remarkably tent-like, no?)

So now I must decide what is to be done with it. I was really looking forward to having this little thing, and still would very much like to have it. But frogging something that’s already seamed, and SO MANY seams to frog, makes for a rather daunting task. Then what with soaking the yarn and re-skeining it, reknitting smaller, blocking and seaming and blocking all over again…

Surely it will be 2010 before I finish it. I exaggerate, I realize. But it will still be a discouraging amount of time, no matter what. I think the option I am happiest with right now is to rip it all back, wind the yarn around the swift and give it its bath, hang it to dry, and reskein it. Then leave it alone till such a time that I feel ready to cast on again. My queue on Ravelry (much of which is gift knitting that has deadlines) is rather long at the moment, and since I can be sure I won’t finish the camisole till the time to wear it is long past, I might as well let it sleep.

In other news of things hibernating, I have picked Bella back up. She has had her fronts knit to the neck shaping, and I’ve just started the armholes. Due to her construction she’s not at all portable, so she’s relegated to TV knitting. Luckily I think I will have some quality TV time with the roommate and Jackie this evening to put in some work on her. I will simply have to take care to limit myself to a beer or two so I don’t start dropping stitches all over the place. Or misplace decreases. Oy.

Neil’s socks are also coming right along. I’m past the gusset decreases of the first, and the pattern is now making mathematical sense, so I don’t even have to look at the chart. I just have to knit away until I have 8″ of foot, then make a toe, then yay! Then sock #2. 😛 I’m planning to have Mr. Oney try it on when next I see him, to make sure it’s fitting the way it ought. **EDIT FOR PHOTO: Despite the face that it looks freakishly large, it seems to be alright. It’s somewhat in proportion to my own (much smaller) foot, at any rate.


I have also started the inevitable guesstimating whether there will be enough yarn left for sock #2. This is my first jaunt out with BMFA’s STR mediumweight, so I suppose my worries are not quite so unfounded. Neimah and I are headed out to Jones Beach tomorrow evening for a concert. The train ride out and back should make some prime knitting time… and who knows? James Taylor surely wouldn’t be offended if I knit through his show, right? I may not be able to focus, though. I’m so excited to get to see an artist I’ve loved since I was tiny in concert for the first time in my life. Good stuff.