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So, since I still have no pictures of pretty knitting to show you, I thought I could fall back on some more recipes. Today is cooking day, since it’s my day off and I have eaten through about everything else that was ready-made in the fridge. Due to work and general life constraints, I like to cook big meals that reheat well so I can eat them whenever and take.. Read More

Still no pictures.

I still haven’t managed to figure out how to post pictures in the entries… I suppose I could always just link to my Flickr account or something, but seeing them in the entries just spruces things up so nicely. Sigh. Maybe someday. For now, on to the knitting. After having forgot Bellatrix at the Boy’s apartment at last writing, I did indeed pull Aimee out of hibernating obscurity. I was.. Read More

Never take out the knitting. Ever.

I’m a moron. To wit: I finished the Boy’s Jourab e Chai socks. They are awesome. Things of great beauty. Simply lovely. And what did I do? Gave them to him. WITHOUT TAKING PICTURES FIRST. He’s wearing them today (love his little heart), but that means that their pristine just-finished appearance is already gone. Long gone. The best I can hope for is a “Gee he likes those socks” picture… Read More


SO. I finally managed to get A BLOG working on my very own webspace, the webspace I have owned for the past couple of years. WOOHOO!!!!!!! So I’m thrilled to be here, would be the point. So happy to finally be able to use this site the way I want to. Yowza. So now that I’m here, look for tons more updates. I’ll try to move some of the stuff.. Read More