I did it. I finally did it. I managed to find out how to post a damn picture on this blog. Hopefully now we can get the party started, as the saying goes.

I’ve been doing only a moderate amount of knitting lately, mostly because I’ve been upping my reading and writing time as much as I can in an effort to try and create some productivity in my artistic life. This is not, of course, to imply that knitting is not a worthy and artistic pursuit, but rather a reference to the fact that while my knitting is both fun and relaxing for me, it is not ultimately as salable as some of my other pursuits. Gotta make that money, y’all.

So this entry is sort of a placemarker, posting some photos of things that have undergone some progress and some that are finished. To wit:

The photo above is a nice shot of the finished Bellatrix sock. The other has just had its gusset stitches picked up. A few more angles:

Bellatrix has been fun so far, and incredibly simple after the initial “Oh BUM!” of having to go down a needle size. I am so glad I got a hold of the pattern, because it’s an aesthetic that appeals to quite a few knitting-gift recipients in my life, especially when knit up in one of BMFA’s lovely Raven colorways. By the by, these socks are knit in the Corvid. I just ordered Thraven and Tlingit. One might infer that I am smitten. One would be correct in that conclusion. Anyway, I had hoped to finish these sooner rather than later, but I’m afraid they have been one of the major sufferers in the “no knitting” spell I’ve been under lately. But soon, my darlings, soon. 🙂

As for my other pieces in progress:

From left to right, we have the lacy little tank version 2.0, and Aimee: picture one is the whole story shot, picture two is the artsy “look how lovely these Brittany needles are” shot. The tank has been on hiatus for awhile, but I need to pick up again soon before my fingers forget their gauge. 😉 Plus, the weather’s nearly perfect, no? Just need to cast on and finish the lace tee to go with it. Oh, pretty things. Pretty pretty things. Which leads us to Aimee, who is on the front burner in as many ways as I can manage. Cast on for the sleeves today, and hope to have her done before the next week is out. After all, the cool wet of spring will only last so long. And I would really love to finish her before the year mark. It would be nice. My track record with sweaters is pretty horrendous, and I’d like to work at lowering that turnaround time. So would my knitting basket. Sweaters-in-progress bulge it out. 🙂

Last but not least, the most recent FO’s that the world needs to see:

The finished sweater-vest, and the Boy’s Persian Tea Socks, fondly known as the “Jourab e Chai” (literally, “Socks of Tea” in Farsi). The vest (which is a bit squished-looking in the picture, apologies) has seen some action this winter, let me tell you. It still hasn’t received its actual blocking-bath, and I still haven’t put the tag in it, so I can’t truly consider it a “finished” knit, but I wear it all the same. It’s delightfully old-mannish and warm, and never fails to draw amazement and compliments when it’s discovered that I knit it myself. I could have done much worse. Much much worse. As for the socks, I snuck and got a picture of them after their maiden voyage, and they don’t look too much the worse for wear. It gives me great hope for the lifespan of these socks, not to mention that the Boy has decided to handwash them rather than take advantage of their machine-friendly nature. So, while it means he probably won’t wear them as often, it also means that he will probably be able to wear them when he’s an old dodderer. With any luck, I’ll be there to watch him then, too. 😉

So that’s it, really. I hope you enjoy the long-awaited eye candy. With any luck, there will be more knitting and more pretty pictures in the near future!