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Looking back from a bit forward, 2013 Edition

So again, much like last year, I sit down to make this list a bit later than I would have liked. Though not as late as last year, which I think is saying something. So a numbered recap of my 2012, as follows: I completed over forty knitted and crocheted things, including some pretty impressive colorwork, seven lacy things, six pairs of socks, five sweaters, and a host of smaller projects.. Read More

Getting old is not for wimps.

I gotta say, confronting my own mortality and the aging process sucks. A lot. My mother will be thrilled to hear me admit that she was right; that there would come a day when I would hurt just getting out of bed if I wasn’t exercising regularly. And sometimes even if I am. UGH. So this might have happened back during one of my blogging droughts, but in October I was.. Read More

Holy long silence, Batman!

Yep, still alive. You might have wondered. To be fair I’ve been rather busy, between trips home and hurricanes and trying to adjust my diurnal needs with the yearly dearth of daylight. You know, things. I do have lots of things to show you, but they’ll be along shortly. I’m writing today to confess a problem. Ever since I was little, I’ve been a big reader. My habit was to.. Read More

An interruption

I was doing really well, there, for a little while, on the whole blogging front. And I assure you that I meant to continue in like fashion, but I got a bit derailed. Life, as it is wont to do, has to change things up from time to time, in ways both wonderful and terrible. Sadly, this most recent vicissitude was of the terrible sort. On July 8, I lost.. Read More

Time hiccup

It has been roughly eight million years since last I posted, and I have therefore myriad things about which I could write. However, I’ve sort of entered that place where the onus of relating all those things is heavier than I can bear, so I sigh and put it off. So more things accumulate. Then I just sigh and put it off more. And on and on, ad infinitum. It’s.. Read More

About love

Not sure if you guys were aware, but Valentine’s Day happened. This year, I spent mine serving jury duty at the Kings County courthouse. It wasn’t so bad. I only had to go the one day, and now I’m off the hook for eight years. And best of all, my honey came and met me to have a hamburger on my lunch break. We did the tally a day or.. Read More

Looking back from a bit forward…

So last year, on New Year’s Eve, I wrote a post listing twenty-five things that I accomplished in 2010. It was nice. It was a friendly reminder of my accomplishments, my stumbles, and all the events that transpired to make me happy, sad, angry, excited, etc. I had every intention of doing it again, because it was such a lovely way to reflect, but things (as they often do) kind.. Read More

In praise of my Nanny Jo

So something really scary and awful happened this past Sunday: my grandparents were in a car accident. My grandfather is thankfully fine, but my grandmother has two lumbar fractures, and a mighty sore hip. But even so, they were very lucky. One might be tempted to worry about an injured grandmother. The very word tends to conjure images of delicate older ladies. Classy and elegant she may be, but delicate? No.. Read More