So last year, on New Year’s Eve, I wrote a post listing twenty-five things that I accomplished in 2010. It was nice. It was a friendly reminder of my accomplishments, my stumbles, and all the events that transpired to make me happy, sad, angry, excited, etc. I had every intention of doing it again, because it was such a lovely way to reflect, but things (as they often do) kind of caught up to me. So, a bit into 2012, I compile my list for 2011.

  1. I completed over thirty knitted and crocheted things, including five sweaters, six hats, three lacy things, and eight pairs of socks.
  2. All that knitting means I knit down a healthy chunk of stash.
  3. I also got lots of pretty new stash.
  4. I took a sewing class, and made a dress.
  5. The dress I made is rather ill-fitting, but for reasons of style rather than construction.
  6. I started another dress, but I haven’t finished it yet.
  7. I stayed pretty darn healthy. I chalk this up to no longer working retail.
  8. I bought a brand new computer.
  9. Twice, I found myself in stickier financial straits than I care to be, mostly due to poor planning and impulse control.
  10. I visited Chicago, Portland, Philadelphia, and Frankfort.
  11. I went to more yoga classes than I did in 2010.
  12. I biked a lot over the summer.
  13. I rode the bus more than I liked in the winter.
  14. I worked on two really fantastic plays.
  15. I ate out more frequently than I would have liked.
  16. I bought some new clothes (those that know me will realize that this truly is an accomplishment).
  17. I did a pretty good job of being social and keeping in touch with some friends.
  18. I did a pretty terrible job of being social and keeping in touch with some other friends.
  19. I attended ComicCon, and the crowd didn’t give me a panic attack.
  20. I went to a wedding and danced. A lot. No matter how silly I looked.
  21. You know that guy, the one I live with? Year 2 of cohabitation is in the books, and he is really just the greatest thing since sliced bread.
  22. I haven’t given up on the cat (those that know the cat will realize that this is truly an accomplishment).
  23. I saw one of my idols in concert, and it was glorious.
  24. I read over 75 books, a good 30 of which I’d never read before.
  25. I worked on a handful of different film/TV sets, either as a stunt helper or technology integration, and I just finished ADing my second-ever project. Which did not explode. But it did give me a pretty wicked cold.

So yeah. That’s that! As Ol’ Blue Eyes would say, “it was a very good year.” As usual, it ran the gamut from trying to terrific, but mostly it was terrific. I’m very much looking forward to 2012.

As long as I can beat back this cold and my terribly acute case of start-itis, that is. But that is a post for another time.