Socks are being made for the Banana for Mother’s Day.

The astute reader will notice that the holiday has already passed.

I might also make mention of the fact that I still haven’t mailed her the Christmas Hederas I knitted for her.

My Banana is a very forgiving and patient mama. I am a pretty crummy sender of presents. I have to remind myself of this every time I see some posting for one of those knitting swap things on Ravelry or elsewhere. I would be a terrible swap partner to have. 🙂 Am now wondering, just as a sort of sideline, whether I should keep the Hederas forever, just to continue to remind myself of my own lack of motivation when it comes to sending things in the post. Ahem.

Anyway, here they are:


They’re rather nice, aren’t they? I’ve finished with one, and am only a few short ribbing rows away from finishing the second. However, I will have to go back and redo the bind-off on the first… it’s not nearly stretchy enough. But hey, my first attempt at toe-up socks? I suppose it’s to be expected. I sent a message to the designer (Oh Ravelry, how I love thee), and she recommended a tubular castoff, and then there’s an Elizabeth Zimmerman method that might work as well. Since I actually have a visual instructions for the tubular, I suppose I’ll use that one… unless the EZ one holds the edge better. Oy. So many choices. 🙂 How difficult is the life of a knitter, no?

Kidding. Totally kidding.