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Choices, choices.

So I did my taxes on Monday night (WHAT?! It’s not April yet!), and for the first time in two years, I’m getting a refund! A pretty decent-sized one, at that! While the bulk of it will go towards paying off extant debt and my savings account, I wanted to take a little bit of it and get something nice, just for me. That’s normal and healthy, right? I’ve narrowed.. Read More

Things finished, things begun

YOU GUYS! I finished things! Most notably, the colorful, soft, and warm Jackson scarf: It’s knit up in the absolutely decadent Road to China Light, by The Fiber Company. Savvy readers might notice a bell ringing in their brain pan at its mention, and rightly so. It’s the same yarn from whence the Brontë Mitts (link) arose, and it has fast become a real favorite. The softness of the alpaca.. Read More

Blog may go boom.

Just FYI, I updated the MYSQL database that makes this site run bigger and better and all that rot. However, the interwebs is still getting a bit used to this bright and flashy update, so you may notice some problems with “error: I can’t find that!” messages if you go clicking around the site. This is, sadly, normal. In a few days, all the static records should be up-to-date enough.. Read More

Looking back from a bit forward…

So last year, on New Year’s Eve, I wrote a post listing twenty-five things that I accomplished in 2010. It was nice. It was a friendly reminder of my accomplishments, my stumbles, and all the events that transpired to make me happy, sad, angry, excited, etc. I had every intention of doing it again, because it was such a lovely way to reflect, but things (as they often do) kind.. Read More