As part of Me-Made May, I am attempting to increase the amount of me-made options in my closet instead of trying to put together a me-made outfit every day. 

I’ve been a big fan of Gertie’s Blog for Better Sewing for quite awhile, so it was a no-brainer that I would get her book when it came out. I’ve made the pencil skirt pattern before (unblogged, shame on me!) but these are the first two patterns in the book:



1) Portrait Blouse

I made this from some of the free fabric I stashed from Project Runway last summer, a cotton shirting with what feels like a little lycra or spandex in it. It’s definitely got too much body for this pattern, which is meant to be a little more drapey. But on the good side, the stretch meant I didn’t have to include the side zip! I bound the raw edges with some green bias tape instead of the narrow hems dictated by the pattern because I thought they’d be too bulky in the thicker cotton and because I didn’t want to take up that much length at the hem–the pattern is drafted quite short if you’re intending to wear the blouse untucked.

Blind bias hem in the armhole
Blind bias hem in the armhole

2) The Pencil Skirt


It looks a little funky on Geraldine (my inherited dressform) because she’s a little more bootylicious than I, but I am SUPER PROUD of this skirt. Again, the fabric is a Project Runway leftover, a smooth gray wool suiting that was fantastic to work with… I love the way this stuff presses. And on the inside…


The leftover silk crepe from my Truffle Dress! I had just enough to squeak out a full lining, and I’m so happy I did… it really makes this skirt super-comfy. I applied lace along the bottom edge instead of a hem, and I catch-stitched the lining to the back vent and zipper tape BY HAND, LIKE A BOSS.

Look at that couture stuff, there!
Look at that couture stuff, there!

Again, Geraldine makes it look weird, but it fits me perfectly. I have a feeling this is going to see a lot of wear at work this summer!