For me.

Yes me.

Not Audrey. No. Certainly not.

You can call me… oh, I don’t know. How about… Nancy? Nancy. I like that.

Who I am really isn’t that important. All you need to know is that the Audrey who usually writes here, and sometimes even with a semblance of regularity, is well within my clutches.

She only has two knitting projects on the needles right now. Two! Can you believe it? And even those she’s been giving scant attention. Her thoughts are almost completely wrapped up with me now. Teehee.

Even when we’re not together, she’s reading about things we can do once she’s finally back with me. Like {this}. Or {this}. Even {this}.

I’m sure you’ve figured out who I am by now.

Well, it’s been simply darling talking with you like this, but I must dash. You see, Audrey bought me the most lovely black-fuschia taffeta, and we’ve been talking about having some fun with it for what feels like ages. Ta-ta!