So, it has come to this: I made myself sit down last night, and take a long, hard look at my Peacock and my knitting ability.

With more than 100 rows to go (and each row, now, taking me at least 15 minutes to work), there is literally no logistical way that I will finish this shawl before August 8. It would take Herculean effort to finish it by the 13th. And it would be a real stretch to get it done by the 18th.

The moral of this story is that I’ve decided NOT to finish the Peacock for the Banana’s birthday. I will make her the CDs she asked for, and let that be all. The Peacock will make its debut for Christmas. It was a hard call to make, but I think my sanity will be better for it. After the scarf I made last summer (my first real lace knitting ever), I should have remembered that lace and ridiculous deadlines do not mix.

Okay. Lesson learned.