Remember when we went to Bolivia? Well, we saw a lot of flamingos.


And in the mud surrounding the various flamenco-inhabited lagunas, lots of flamingo tracks.


Guys, I cannot describe accurately how goofy these birds are. They look like the fluffy bulk of their bodies is going to just snap their spindly little legs at any moment. They have this odd, choreographed pattern of which birds get to put their heads down to eat and which have to look up from their foraging to scope out the surroundings for danger. And they’re pink. They’re just oddballs in every way, and I love them. So when I got home and discovered the next yarn up in the Self-Imposed Sock Club was in a colorway called “Flaming Flamingo?”


My choice was clear. I sketched out a design on graph paper that reminded me of little tri-toed foot prints wandering around in the altiplano mud, and got to work. And now, months after those sketches and finishing my own pair, I have AN ACTUAL FINISHED SOCK PATTERN. FOR SALE.

I’m pretty excited about it.

So yeah. If you would like to knit a pair of your own to imitate our goofy feathered friends, you can buy a copy on Ravelry hereIMG_2734